Disclaimer Notice From FMC Keffi

Negative news thrives whereas salient (positive) achievements are seldom celebrated. The Centre have before now recorded a number of strides viz; Human Capital Development, structural, equipment and many other positive driven policies all geared towards service excellence to the  host community and the Nation at large.Perfection  can only be ascribable to the One and only God Almighty.Oh yes! We (Centre) have our hiccups as humans, where lately we have been bedeviled by sinister publications that are diversionary in nature but, we will not loose focus in the area of excellent healthcare delivery which remains our cardinal goal and principle preparatory to attaining that 5 star tertiary health institution of our dream.We’re therefore, bringing the attention of the hospital community and the Nation in general over the unscrupulous publications both in print, electronic and online media concerning fake invitations for recruitment for House officers/interns screening exercise purported to emanate from Us(Centre) as none of such is  from the authorities of this institution (FMC, Keffi) whatsoever.
We’re by this, not only refuting, disclaiming, but going every length possible towards tracking these fraudsters, hackers of what we call satanic verses.Whether or not the originators are from the inside or outside this establishment.Finally, we are appealing to the general Public to shine their eyes and disregard any notice/invitation for screening/recruitment on the media.Please, always count on us for best medical care as we remain blessed.This is from The Public Relations/Protocol Officer (FMC, Keffi).

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