Mission: Our mission is to serve as a centre of excellence in skin care through the provision of efficient patient-centred skin care, dermatology research and training. We do this by defining patient’s skin care concerns and providing the best available option of care in an efficient and timely manner that ensures patient satisfaction.

What we do:

  1. Patient care: We provide out-patient and in-patient dermatology care including dermatologic surgeries and cosmetic procedures
  2. Dermatology Research: We are involved in research in all aspects of skin diseases especially those that are common in our environment.
  3. Community dermatology: Our Dermatology Community (DERMACOM) project provides local training on skin care to rural communities and resource poor areas
  4. Training: We are involved in training of resident doctors in Internal Medicine and Family Medicine.

Contact Person:

Dr. Emeka Okoro

Consultant Dermatologist