Obstetrics & Gynecology

The largest clinical department in the hospital. It took off on the infrastructure of the same department of the old General Hospital, Keffi in 2001 and moved to the present obstetrics and gynaecology complex in 2010. Starting with two consultants and six medical officers in 2001, the department now has 47 permanent doctors including 12 consultants. Besides training of house officers, the department is accredited for the training of resident doctors by the national post-graduate medical college as well as the West African College of Surgeons


We have facilities for:

  1. Out-patient clinics including ante-natal, post-natal, gynaecological and family planning clinics.
  2. In-patient services in which patients are admitted into lying-in ward, gynaecological ward, post-natal ward and the ecalmpic room.
  3. Labour and delivery.
  4. Emergency services- Both gynaecological and obstetric services.
  5. Surgical operations- Both obstetrics and gynaecological surgeries.
  6. Minimal access surgery: Diagnostic laparoscopy.
  7. Ultrasound services both in the labour ward and the outpatient clinics.
  8. Cervical cancer screening using pap-smear and visual inspection with acetic acid.
  9. Colposcopy and cryotherapy.